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Your Entire
Chemical Analytics Needs

All in One Agency

Fractional Senior Scientists 

Recreational and Elite Athletes 


Lactate Threshold Test

Deliver Customized Scientific Advisory 

 Explore the benefits to optimize fitness

Information Unlocks Opportunity

Our scientists have expertise from chemistry and molecular biology to bioinformatics. They have years of experience operating highly specialized laboratory equipment used for a wide variety of applications.


At ProLytics we develop a clear understanding of what our clients want to accomplish and their timeline. We dialogue on missing client resources; gaps in human resources, research facilities and equipment to complete the project. Where appropriate, we can connect our clients with other agencies like government grants, investor partners and potential client customers. 


From experimental design and execution to data consultation our team can guide your project from start to finish to offer you a complete package of services. Seasoned lead researchers with decades of experience will create a unique proposal which includes: talent, equipment, a budget, milestones and timelines to help you achieve your goals.

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