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Our Services

Experimental design

Answering questions about regulatory requirements, quality control, the direction of future experiments or just understanding the workings of biochemical processes requires rigorous and cost-effective experimental design that our scientists have the expertise to provide.


Our team of world-class researchers will optimize the use of new data by providing skilled interpretation and guidance for our clients. We work with clients to ensure their needs are met, and budgets and timelines are closely managed. The scientist with the most expertise in your sector will be assigned to your project. Their research includes, but is not limited to, sample inputs, data analytics, required controls, effective treatments and use of the most suitable technology.

Data Consultation

Our services go well beyond the hand-off of data. Many of our projects are customized
undertakings that require specialized data interpretation.

Plant Biologist

We follow through with clients with comprehensive reports and meetings to ensure the client has an in-depth understanding of their data’s impact. This approach gives our clients the knowledge to integrate new data into
their present and future goals. Services can range from interpretation of spectral chromatograms, matching unknowns to known compounds, and confidence assignments in areas such as spectral interoperation and/or statistics.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Dive deep into the smallest details in order to make the biggest changes.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Our team consists of experts in molecular biology and biochemistry with years of experience in cloning, heterologous protein expression, and enzyme assay execution and interpretation. In addition, our team can perform standard tests like PCR, qPCR, genotyping, site-directed mutagenesis, and protein purification. Whether it’s understanding the function of a gene/protein, the expression of a key gene or biomarker, our team can provide the expertise needed to fulfill your project needs.

Chemical AnAYLSIS

Client needs will direct the type of analytics needed for organic or inorganic compound profiling. Based on budgets and timelines our team will source the analytical research facilities that are specifically matched to project end-goals.

Test Tubes

We contract time-for-use on highly specialized lab equipment from our many relationships with post-secondary institutions and the private sector. The types of analytical machines include: HPLC, gas chromatography and various forms of organic and inorganic mass spectrometry. Our expert contract researchers have access to analytical equipment that is normally cost prohibitive for companies to purchase for occasional use. This makes our company a cost effective choice for your unique analytical needs. If you don’t see the type of analytics represented in these examples that you require, please contact us to discuss the breadth of our services.

Food Technology

Make the most out of your food products by leveraging smart and efficient development.

Science Lab

Whether it’s microbiological testing, heavy metal analysis, vitamin analysis or nutrient determination like fatty acids, amino acids, carbohydrate or proximate, our team has the diverse experience needed to comprehensively profile the contents of your food. Our team is also uniquely qualified to help guide fermentation-based food production technologies in their upstream and downstream needs. Finally, by leveraging our material science expertise, we can help you understand the function of your food by, for example, understanding protein classification and functionality.

Bioinformatics & omics

Discover what can be unlocked from within.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Our team of scientists design experiments in the areas of bioinformatics and omics and seamlessly work with our clients to provide the data analysis and interpretation necessary to fully leverage experimental results. Whether it's metabolomics, RNA seq, genome/transcriptome assembly, or co-expression analysis, we design powerful experiments and interpret their results helping our clients progress their research needs.

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